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No doubt some things did need changing...... to a certain extent. However, the sheer scale of changes that BB has introduced, and at the speed that they have been implemented, is plain ridiculous. Not to mention illegal; may things introduced are illegal under European/National law, but not under EPO law. House arrest because you are ill; check. Illicit investigation and spurious prosecution of Union reps; check. Suppression of the right to strike; check. Disregard national court decisions which go against you; check. Increase production targets by a stupid amount whilst forcing examiners to use woefully poor, highly inefficient and ineffective, and badly implemented software; check. Ruin the career to such an extent that we can't recruit new examiners; check.

Not quite sure how you came to the conclusion that "The employees were largely regarded as taking the piss since they couldn't effectively be fired, or made to do what they are paid to do". That is both inaccurate and insulting, and based on no "evidence". In my experience, the vast majority of the staff (myself included) take the job very seriously, and spend a lot of time trying to come to the right decision about an application. Unfortunately, there's a strong feeling that higher management doesn't want us to do that; it's all about us earning "points", and the quicker the better... That does not serve applicants, or the public.

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