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Brexit? Cutting the old-school ties would do more for Brit tech world

Roger Mew

Oh what now THAT is French, they have highway laws yet we are taking our Mairie to the Tribunal d'administration for infractions numbering over 100 according to the Hussier (bailiff who is supporting our concerns) then we are going after amny other towns and organizations including the Gendarmerie and the police for failing in thier duty of care and not prosecuting these infractions.

All they care about is getting money from motorists, not even if you report something will they do ought. So really your comment is really French! Not the British way!

Incidentally, I was in a pub in the west country, you had to go down a river to get there in a car or wellies, and the police turned up at silly oclock one summers evening when the harvester vehicles had just finished. They knicked the publican, and a load of vehicles for no tax or MOT etc.It was the first time the police had been there for many years, before the war in fact. Most of the vehicles got off as it was found that the road in the river had not been adopted by the council and the police car actually was in infringement of its insurance limitations!

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