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Brexit? Cutting the old-school ties would do more for Brit tech world

Roger Mew

I do not know where you come from ethnically, as most proper brits are derived from somewhere on the mainland eg France, Holland or Germany, and going back Italy. Now in my book these are European. OK those with shades of skin different to those countries are not of EU ethnicity, however the likelihood of being European if your skin is white is extremely high.

So, if they do not consider them selves European where the phxxck do they think they are. Eastern asian are slant eyed, middle africa are black, and so on. So believe me there is not much considering to be done. Both my wife and I have names that trace back to French, many of our friends have names that are either Celtic or Dutch / German! Presumably they should allow themselves to be thought of as European, yet the majority of inhabitants of say Southall, Leeds, Peterborough and so on may not.

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