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I get it. I like to hear other views as well because "sometimes" I don't know it all. I just would like to be warned before I click. For example, on news aggregators sites they list the site that the news is coming from, and I'm forewarned about the bias that will follow.

It's like meeting crazy people on the street. There are some you can see from far away, by their clothes, by their walk, their screams... But the worst ones are the ones that look normal until they are right next to you and you have little time to adjust your brain to the new reality.

I'm not saying that Orlowski is crazy. But his writing often has the same flee or fight effect on my brain. Most of the times I flee, but this time he is so far out that I decided to fight. And thank you guys for not censoring me in the process.

BTW, so that I stay on point. If copper cables were treated like Oracle's APIs we would all be paying licensing to some Serbian (oldest securely dated evidence of copper smelting) for most if not all of the tech we use today.

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