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As a developer, the interface to any software system is the definition of it’s functionality and getting that right can make fthe difference between a product’s success or failure. As such, it’s often the major part of the design effort and copyright should be available should the developers need it for commercial reasons. If you don’t like the license terms, fine, go away and develop your own equivalent, but without using any of the copyrighted work. As a general and ethical principle, seems sensible to me and the “fair use” argument really doesn’t stand up when what was taken was effectively the design definition for the product.

I guess we just have to disagree about this and I’m not up to date with the legalities either, hence the general principles. That fact that this spat involves two of the most aggressively profit motivated companies doesn’t make it any easier to sort out either. However, design ip is a valuable commodity these days and there should be legal protections available for those who have invested time and effort and make a living from it. None of that stops it being given away for free though…

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