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Re: This article conflates two important issues

> "1. Is and API itself copyrightable"

> That has already been decided by the courts, and the answer is a confirmed, settled and now

> indisputable "Yes". Not even Google are endeavouring to get that court judgement changed.

Actually, that's wrong. It hasn't gone up to the Supreme court.

In addition, that decision is USA-only.

Any attempt to bring a case based on use of an API in the EU would be thrown out.

As others have noted, Oracle have attempted to conflate the issues.

1: Use of the java API for API-compatible code (Let's call it DALVIK) that operates differently internally

2: Use of Java internal code.

The Oracle Schills have been out in force since the last judgement and this should have been properly attributed as an opinion piece along with the affiliations of the author, as was done in other publications.

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