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Why Oracle will win its Java copyright case – and why you'll be glad when it does


I was just about to write a similar statement. The Author clearly has a hatred /bias of Google. Yesterday he wrote another "I hate Google story" accusing them of not being fair in search ranking for " " here was my response to tips and corrections:


I can tell you why "" has sunk in Google Searches, and you should pass it along to the site web master too. First, the site is NOT optimized for mobile, and secondly, it is NOT over Https. These both, google has warned about repeatedly, will not be favored in Searches after the deadlines last year. You all should have been aware of these, and so the whole premise for the article is in error.

Your welcome," (-:

Also, the author is impuning the reputations of multitudes of fellow tech journalist accusing them of being shills for Google but then acts as an Oracle shill defending IMHO a corporation that is far more evil than Google. They are being sued by a whistle blower who was fired for not inflating sales figures of certain Cloud products. They are also being sued by the state of Oregon for racketeering.

The point is, defense of despicable corporation does not help anyone in this case, and the vast majority of those in opposition deserve better from the author.

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