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Brexit? Cutting the old-school ties would do more for Brit tech world

Roger Mew

For information, it seems that apart from politicians, the electorate with an IQ of above say 95 are voting to stay whilst an electorate of less than 90 are wishing to leave, bouyed on by politicians who really want to leave for their own reasons. Better top of a small heap than bottom of a large heap! The immigration is a sop, a ruse as the immigration will get worse, well for a while until the UK sorry britain, sinks in stature, as the borders will be even worse as the French will almost immediately throw out the UK border controls in France, therefore lorry passengers will become endemic, from all ports. Also until the wall is built and manned between Eire and Northern Ireland the populace, can if they wish, just walk across.

Financially the UK, sorry, britain, will be phucked as it is probable that Scotland and for that matter NI will want to depart from the UK leaving britain to sink on its own.

For those of lower interlect, Oxbridge is a name given to the two cities of both Cambridge and Oxford. The name Oxbridge is often referred to when subjects common to both cities are being discussed.

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