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> From its onset, Java was open and was meant to be ubiquitous

What he said.

Sun always promoted Java as an open language and ecosystem. That's surely impossible if you cannot re-implement the same environment from scratch - as Google did, with Dalvik. There's the core Java language and there's the Java set of standard libraries which developers code to, and both are intrinsic to the language.

The API is (1) a definition of how to call a library, and (2) how it behaves (or is supposed to behave) when you call it. The first part is a set of function or class prototypes; the second is a description of what those calls do and what they return, which may be in-line text comments or external documentation.

And there's the rub I think: the real copyrightable part is actually the *documentation*

If Google had stripped out all the comments, and referred the user to Sun/Oracle's own documentation of the Java language and APIs, would they be in the clear?

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