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It is interesting

Sometimes, a system needs a very strong leader in order to achieve change. The EPO has not been regarded as a pillar of efficiency (either operational or economically) for many years - it was ripe for serious change. The employees were largely regarded as taking the piss since they couldn't effectively be fired, or made to do what they are paid to do - partly because of the very strong union, and partly because of the necessary independence the EPO has been granted (without it, whichever country it was based in would have significant power over the body relative to other countries). Battistelli was appointed with the intention to significantly improve the way the body works - and it was known that he would have a very difficult job on his hands right from the start, since hell hath no fury like a civil servant who is being told to change their working practices.

What is interesting is that the union and employees have won the publicity battle, to the extent that criminal damage that could (unlikely, but possible) have led to death or injury is being commented on with approval - at least on some of the threads here on El Reg. I know that we tend, as a group, to be a little bit anti-establishment, but the surely the wrong establishment is being supported - the staff trying to protect their inefficient working-practices are the bad ones, not the guy who is trying to change things through centralising the decision-making process.


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