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"These chips are workstation chips, not gaming chips, unless you've got excess money to throw away for very little benefit."

Gimped "workstation" chips without V-PRO may not be a disadvantage, except at larger companies.

However, MY definition of a true "workstation" includes ECC RAM, online RAID(10 is usually sufficient) main storage with multiple offline images with incremental backups.

YMWV, but it might take only one flipped but to lead to an ex$pensively bad day that could co$t million$... or even live$. If you want an Intel based workstation do your homework an buy an appropriate Xeon based system - it might even be less costly.

If some ignorant fanboy is desirous of e-peen bragging rights; it's their money. In an environment where multithreaded programs, verification, and speed - where the occasional reboot is no big deal; a "PC powerhouse" may be a valid choice. I'd rather have a true workstation with functioning ECC RAM than a "PC powerhouse". YMMV

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