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There's a point of diminishing returns though and 20 threads is way past the point of diminishing returns. At the moment you can count the games that actually use more than a few CPU threads for any significant workload on one hand. Very, very few games are CPU bound, they are almost always GPU bound. In most games you need a huge amount of GPU power before the GPU stops being the limiting factor. In most cases you wouldn't notice a significant difference between a game running on an i5 2500k and an i7 5960X. DX12/Vulkan improves the number of draw calls that can be distributed across the CPU threads, but it is still GPU dependant. VR is also GPU dependant.

A 5960x is already way over the top for gaming, and there's no point paying an excess now for something that may possibly happen in x years time as if/when that time comes there will be a faster, cheaper chip available with better features. For the vast majority of games a smaller number of faster cores will perform better than a larger number of slower cores.

These chips are workstation chips, not gaming chips, unless you've got excess money to throw away for very little benefit.

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