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Umm no. A single sensor was broken, giving false data. Other sensors existed to check whether it was giving correct data or not (and would have shown it was giving false data), but were ignored. They therefore undertook "corrective procedures" which were unnecessary. This started the satellite spinning.

A second failure occurred in a brake (magnetic torquer) which could have halted the spinning. Probably due to being overspun in the first place. Not that uncommon a failure (unfortunately), but not normally mission critical.

The third failure though was failing to take into account the actual satellite configuration (i.e. fully deployed rather then in a stowed configuration) and applying thrusts which caused the break up of the satellite.

So basically, a single failed sensor was all that was wrong with it. That should NEVER cause the failure of your satellite. So this was basically a failure of the operations team from start to finish.

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