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Allow me to translate.

"free from convoluted bureaucratic processes and administrative hurdles"

Or in other words, blissfully free of ethical standards and consumer protection.

As with any regulations, it is sadly necessary for them to become increasingly convoluted because of the violators' never-ending attempts to circumvent them.

I've observed that most opposition to the EU is motivated by neoliberal sentiment. Fortunately I've also observed that most Brits despise neoliberalism, so I'd guess that we're not going to leave the EU any time soon, at least not by democratic consensus.

On the other hand, this is a neoliberal regime elected by a mere 25% minority of voters, most of whom seem to live on six figure salaries in London and the Home Counties, and which arrogantly persists in passing legislation that contradicts the opinions of the remaining 75%, so perhaps expecting democratic outcomes is somewhat naive in the blatantly undemocratic UK. That point alone is reason enough to retain the protection of EU oversight.

What it boils down to is this: bluntly, I'd rather be ruled by the EC than this or any other Tory government.

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