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Everything you say could come to pass, but the truth is that Britain's special deal with the EU (rebate, outside the Eurozone, opt-out for ever closer union etc.) is not going to remain in place forever should we vote to stay in.

In fact, the political pressure from the other member states to abolish such perks will simply increase post-remain since they'll know that the threat to leave was an empty one. The EU is only moving in one direction and, should we stay, we will be swept along whether we like it or not.

If I join a club I want to be a fully participating member. I don't want to be seen as special and awkward which is how Britain is perceived on the continent. Unfortunately, this particular club has terms under which full participation are completely unacceptable. Did you know, for example, that France, one of the richest member states, would be a net beneficiary of EU funding, due to its sizeable agriculture subsidies, if it were not for the British rebate?

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