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Brexit? Cutting the old-school ties would do more for Brit tech world


Since Cambridge types obviously repeat themselves so will I:

You'll find that you are speaking rubbish there:

I've been to three universities, one of them Oxford, my wife went to a foreign university and then Cambridge and so I've also lived in Cambridge university accommodation. I was also brought up in a council flat so I feel I'm uniquely suited to answer your post. And the reply is that you are speaking specious bollocks. Some colleges are for the hoi polloi such as ourselves, however some colleges seem to be heavily populated by children of previous graduates of dubious ability (e.g., Christchurch, Oxford, and Magdalene, Cambridge). Remind me, how did Prince Edward get into Cambridge with his grades? And if you were in Cambridge perhaps you heard just how he managed to pass his exams with so little work, and quite what he got up to there?

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