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To get back to the article, classism is indeed alive and well in Britain. Each country tends to choose a unique subset of the available methods of shooting oneself in the foot.

A word to the wise: your current leadership is reloading to have another go.

Accusations of mindless conformity are, however, wide of the mark. Britons, for whatever reason, don't like to be told what to do. You will be shocked to learn that in otherwise civilized European nations, eccentricity is frowned upon. In Germany, conformity is openly considered a social grace.

This has got Europe into trouble before. Paradoxically, Oxbridge is a reservoir of individualism that habitually infects the rest of the population. Yet it is also a giant hydraulic disk brake on the wheel of social mobility. Whether this is a contingent or an ipso facto relationship, I leave to your philosophically adept readership.

Monty Python came from Cambridge, and Monty Python is one reason why there will never be a British Hitler. Choose rum, you get raisin.

So for pity's sake, vote to keep Europe British.

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