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"Juncker wasn't elected as President of the EU Commission" --- Chris Miller.

He was elected in 2014 by MEPs with a majority of 442 out of 729 votes cast. (e.g.

"the EU has 5 (I think, I kinda lost count) presidents" --- Chris Miller

This is self defeating argument: after implying that The President of the European Commission is a Very Special Position so that you can say (incorrectly) that the person appointed to it wields a large amount of executive power (many people seem to think it's the European equivalent of POTUS), many Brexiters go on to say that there's loads of presidents. Well, you're right, there are. And there's probably a president of your local lawn tennis club as well. Juncker's job would be more accurately described as Prime Commissioner, as he is head of the European Commission. Which doesn't actually make any laws, they just create proposals. Much like many of our laws start out as the creations of *unelected* civil servants.

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