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for being painted as a racist or at least some sort of jingoist because I'm concerned about the levels of migration to the UK. I have always considered myself to be a European and a citizen of the world. I couldn't give a toss what colour someone is or what language they speak or how they like their cabbage pickled... I'm worried about numbers.

Net migration to the UK in 2015: ~300,000

Government house building target in 2015: 200,000

Actual house building achieved in 2015: ~170,000

And that's not accounting for birth rate or increased longevity.

Local councils are already finding it hard to meet the house building target. Developers can make huge profits, but ONLY if they keep housing supply lagging behind demand.

And then there's the balance of nationalities. EU including the UK makes up only 13.4% of the population of the world. EU citizens make up 50% of the net migration. I know people from outside the UK, but still from a Commonwealth country, who want to come to the UK to study, who are prepared to pay ridiculous tuition fees, but have to support themselves with a maximum of 20 hours a week work AND have to have a lot of cash in the bank, in one case, £20,000. EU citizens get to pay the home student rate, qualify for loans from the SLC, can work however much they want to support themselves, can stay in the UK once studies are finished and don't need to have a bean in the bank.

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