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Wow this article was confusing, I didnt know if I should laugh or despair. I dont know if this was a parody of the stupid arguments put forward in this debate (from both official campaigns) or if it was a childs essay for school. Either way there are a lot of words with very little content and the little content does seem to contradict itself or show a lack of understanding.

So after a huge complaint about us apparently not being accommodating because we want out of the EU the writer will be happier going back to a country with (writers words)- "its own debates around EU membership and nationalistic tendencies". I hope the writer realises they wont be treated as a foreigner because thats the country they are not a foreigner to.

The amusement over our empire seems out of place when promoting the EU empire building and why would anyone compare Boris Johnson with Putin? but then confusing the EDL, BNP and UKIP does demonstrate difficulty identifying differences.

The largest conflict I found was observing how passive we are where we just accept our lot and resistance is futile. All in an article telling us we need to give up and submit to the wonderful empire or we will have a recession the businesses barely care about as they crush us underfoot. Last I checked it was the Eurozone in deflation.

Just in case the author does read the comment section I will help-

For me, the EU is not about the money, and it shouldn’t be for anyone. It is a model how people can work together on the real issues that our society is facing in the future: climate change, global security, demographic changes. These problems cannot be tackled with national pride and strong emotion. We have all got to look forward, not backward.

The EU has a failing currency so yeah its not about the money to them either, they just demand more 'contributions'. Global security is too big for the EU, right now they quarrel over their own borders thanks to a security threat caused by one of the members (looking at Germany). We have blown past how many MMCC deadlines to save the earth now? And demographics have become an interesting problem for countries sucked of their working population to wealthier countries in the EU with now infrastructure issues to support them. If this is not an issue for pride and emotion then maybe this should be a democratic debate instead of appealing to our pride and emotion to stay in? And if we are looking forward not backward then why should we continue in an outdated and obviously not working political structure?

Hope you feel happier wherever you call home.

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