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Southern Europe has driven itself into the ground, by overspending then cooking its books.

Oh, sure, one can criticize the plans aiming to help them - but right or wrong, they're still plans aiming to help them They are not the cause of where they are.

And the EU does, the EU does not. Last time I looked, people at the head of the EU are all either directly elected by us or chosen by our governments. They're not aliens from another planet coming upon us, they are us.

Not happy about it? Why, blame your government, which is only too happy to keep them as the bogeyman everything can be blamed on.

I'll use one example: Brits forced upon us the right to mix crap (aka «hydrogenated vegetable fat») with cocoa and still call the brown result «chocolate» (2000/36/CE). Things come from somewhere, not from a vague «the EU»

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