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Brexit? Cutting the old-school ties would do more for Brit tech world

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"The ones who spoke in Germanic languages, which are relatively closely related to latin?"

AFAIK Gothic (earliest attested Germanic language) is an Indo-European language, like Greek, Latin and also Sanskit. However, in terms of a time series, the early history before 300AD isn't known. What's more, early Gothic documents include a lot of Greek loan words.

I'm no expert but I wouldn't therefore like to claim Gothic was "relatively closely related to Latin". They certainly share a common ancestry, but using that argument you could say we are closely related to Aryan Indians (not, I hasten to add, fantasy Nazi Aryans, but the writers of Sanskrit who called themselves Aryans.)

Perhaps if the Leave campaign wins and the takeover of the country proceeds on its merry way, in a few hundred years we'll be having a vote on seceding from the Indian Empire, so we can join up with the Circumpolar Co-Prosperity Sphere run by China.

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