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Microsoft won't back down from Windows 10 nagware 'trick'

quxinot Silver badge

Ok, a completely honest question:

How do you make 10 suck less once it's inevitably installed? For example, when supporting friends/family/etc that will wind up with the disease?

Yes, installing linux is the correct answer, but that isn't a possibility for some due to gaming or some horrible devices that only have limited driver support or horrible users that can't find their backside with a flashlight + map + compass. Inevitably it'll get through, because there's a limit to how much babysitting I'm going to do to their installs.

A start menu replacement, a better browser, and good firewall rules will prevent much of the irritation/telemetry/crap. But it's still a disjointed mess to use. Is there a tool that automates wiping the largest puddles of vomit off their machines, or am I doomed to do things manually?

I'm thinking along the lines of PlanB instead of a condom, for once the damage is already done.

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