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"I frequently push processes into the background as an unprivileged user and immediately log out expecting that process to stay the fuck alive until I choose to terminate it."

And _I_ frequently have to deal with runaway processes eating 100% cpu because some fucktard has backgrounded it and logged out, instead of leaving the process attached to a "screen" session.

A lot of sysadmins on shared systems will be applauding this option. It saves us having to find and kill misbehaved software processes (Mostly IDL and emacs) left behind by people despite being told not to do it.

If everything was well-behaved then it wouldn't be a big deal, but badly written software (especially "scientific" stuff written by commercial entities) is just as prevalent on *nix is just as on windows - and the "fix" is usually the same - "fix one minor bug, ignore most of the rest, add 10 new unnecessary features, charge for an 'upgrade' "

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