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Creating problems that didn't need solving

That's, in a nutshell, systemd.

If distros think it's useful to speed up boot times and respond to device changes (wifi, GUI interaction etc) on desktops and laptops, that's one thing. But it has no f***ing business on servers. The average server's POST time is probably around 2 minutes due to controllers etc. I don't give a flying f*** if Linux takes 10 or 30 seconds to boot after that. It only happens once every blue moon anyway (kernel & glibc updates), and while it reboots, another server is taking over the job.

Systemd is the idea of a self-centred hobby kernel developer (now unfortunately sponsered/employed by RH), who shows complete disregard for real world problems.

It messes with things it shouldn't (leave them processes alone!), adds layers and layers of unnecessary complication to simple tasks (who asked for binary logs, please? if you store logs *only* on the server, and not remotely, you have bigger issues than log integrity), and the list continues.

Just keep those screw-ups coming. Makes it easier for me to propose FreeBSD to clients.

Rant over - until systemd messes up yet another thing, which won't be long.

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