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Re: NetApp should clarify the 4:1 claim

Yeah, what a load of old bollocks.

"guaranteed data efficiency reduction of 4:1"

And what do I get when Netapp cannot meet this? Because I promise you that for at least 5 of my customers there is no way on Jibbers' brown Earth that you're going to get greater than 1.3:1 data efficiency out of their data. It simply is not going to happen.

I'm really afraid of storage companies "guaranteeing" this sort of thing. Some of my clients might well be sucked in, sink a pile of money they don't really have into a bullshit claim by a "brand name" vendor, and then get screwed when it doesn't work, possibly having to go out of business.

Thanks, Netapp, you've made a bunch of work for me as I have to go proactively fight your bullshit marketing message. Goddamn it.

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