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Microshite, a bunch of twunts.

I had the inevitable phone call from my 75 year old mother in law last week, a very happy win7 user with lots of stuff on her PC set up for easy use she'd clicked the red X close button when Microshite suggested she update to 10. Through her tears of distress and angst I realised the machine had uninvited updated it's self to win10, sending my son the following day to undo said deed was the easy part, though her distress and tears continued as she feared she'd lost the lot. Backing up her system is beyond her so we do it every so often for her. Thankfully it rolled back when instructed to do so, and all the favourites, e-mail and the rest were restored...

Now who's going to start a 'class-action' for all the older people, and their families who are their I.T. support network, for the distress that's been caused? It might just teach those twunts not to do it again if it costs them!

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