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Dear AlbertH,

Your landlord owns your apartment, your just renting/leasing it. But over time laws were passed that told the landlord that despite owning the apartment, he was not allowed to come in unannounced, especially not between 8pm and 6am. These laws were not made to make the landlord happy, but because landlords turned out to be "overbearing meanspirited asses". That's your landlord is not allowed to

break your windows, not allowed to turn off your water and electricity, not allowed to flood your basement

or blow up your stove. Right? Of course I am right.

Your car, you might just be leasing it, but as long as you pay the monthly payments, is the lessor allowed to rummage through your trunk without your knowledge and permission? Hardly. Never. Nowhere.

I think it is time that laws against destructive software behavior be passed. Enough already. In the US, it works like this: Microsoft, I am guessing, supports each elected congress-person's campaign with something like $30,000 per each. For this money, it appears that the elected officials are supposed to look the other way. Well, thus, if everyone of these loyal elected officials is provided with, e.g. $40,000 per each, and a simply request to stop Microsoft's evil behavior, then that's what it takes. 435 congress members and 100 senators - that makes 535. 535 x $40,000 = $21,400,000. So, for only $21 meeellion and 400,000 we could make Microsoft behave like normal human beings.

The US full-time working population is currently 122,740,000.

$21,400,000 / 122,740,000 = 0.17. So, in theory, one could accomplish this by collecting 17 cents from

every working stiff in the US and sending the total, with easy to follow instructions, down to Washington DC. One could also do this by getting $1.70 from 10%, or $17 from 1% of the same population.

Just think about this.

I don't know how it works in Great Britain, or Europe, but somehow I feel that money tends to talk


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