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the thing about 10 is...

its actually quite good. after you put classic shell on it and turn off the telemetry of course.

not that i run it, im 7 all the way till mid 2020. or until 10 gets fixed properly.

the stupid fucking thing about the "upgrade" process is that noone in their right mind would ever do an in place upgrade. well, i wouldnt. always, always rebuild from scratch.

i see a lot of borked 10 upgrades, but then thats part of my job.

when i have a win 7 licensed pc i always suggest going back to 7.

win 8 is rather a more difficult decision. noone wants 8 and ive never sold a system with it on, never will and i always discourage customers who need a reinstall to take 8 again. (exactly the same as vista). either pony up for a 7 license if they dont have downgrade right with 8 pro, or go to 10 (recently)

10 is better than 8 in many ways.

a fresh 10 install is often quite spritely, its a pretty quick OS, and it does make a lot of old harware run quick. but ive seen so many issues, with wifi in particular, on 10 that its just not ready yet.

"a clean 10 install is better than 8, but not as good as 7, a 10 in place upgrade is worse than both" is my mantra so far.

shame really, they really have fucked this up. i have discouraged my customers from doing the upgrade, pretty much as i would with any other new OS, wait...wait for others to find the problems, let it mature a bit, then go for it if you must. personally i like things to work and be stable, so im always behind the curve.

but the whole forced upgrade debacle is just mind numbingly stupid. i hate what they have done and continue to do.

i even blamed one of my customers the other day who said that win 10 had installed itself without their permission. i said, it cant have done, tyou have to say yes at some stage. they denied it. but it turns out that they werent lying, they "x"'s out of the upgrade window.

anyways....ive still got 7 for four years. lets see how MS do in the meantime, otherwise i might have to learn linux

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