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>Does the get Wndows 10 crap tell you it isn't compatible with Quickbooks?

No, worse, it just uninstalls it ...

I have a cheap HP laptop (without handle) and company policy (LOL) says I need to upgrade it to Windows 10 ... I have not hidden any updates on this box, I have not installed anything to prevent GWX from installing ... I just "never updated" .... so, yesterday, I go through three or four reboots to get all the updates, then wonder, no GWX ... this is 8.1 Pro .... had to go to the MS website to download the bugger ...

While it downloads the crap from the interwebs and prepares installation, I am told I can "use" my computer in the meantime ... until it has finished and reboots without warning ... of course, nobody uses Windows 10 in production, so go ahead, reboot ... b@stard

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