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So how long will it be before . . .

So how long will it be before M$ capitalizes on the captive nation of Win10 users it has acquired?

Nothing in the conduct of this repellent outfit and its nauseating top management points to the existence of philanthropy and benevolence; giving away a Windows OS runs counter to every stunt it has pulled, every lie it has told, every coercion it has engineered.

How soon will dawn the day then when (a) Windows 10 users can't get an upgrade because they haven't registered their credit card with M$ and (b) those stupid enough to bank with Redmond discover from El Reg the latest bilge from an MS spokesperson:

'In response to feedback from our customers about how much they would prefer their already busy lives to be free from unnecessary disruption, Microsoft has decided that the confusing range of options about downloading and installing Windows Updates is to be brought to an end and replaced by a simple automatic Updates at a nominal recurring charge.

'Obviously, as part of our commitment to ensuring our customers' computers operate as safely and as efficiently as possible, the time-consuming business of having to hide mistakenly unwanted updates will similarly be terminated. The confusing classification of updates -- currently Critical, Important, Recommended and Profiteering -- will also be abolished, substituted instead with the simple-to-read / easy-to-understand INSTALL NOW (though even this will not be apparent as everything we wish you to install on your computer will be installed on your computer. At your expense.)

'Microsoft is delighted to be able to respond to its customers' needs in this way and to continue to provide a customer experience as memorable as it is unique.'

Asked by The Register to clarify the meaning of the phrase "nominal recurring charge", the spokesperson eventually said:

'The charge will be subject to variating alternativizations of update upgrade upsell scenarios mandated by extant issue identification and remedial initiation and / or original innovatory inter-relationship activity via customer credit card account unrestricted accessibility.'

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