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Microsoft won't back down from Windows 10 nagware 'trick'


I think the real reason for M$ getting this desperate is their precouses Windows Mobile platform took a heavy knock recently due to the dearth of apps in the App Store

I think it's the other way round...

For years, Microsoft has made a fortune selling software of variable quality because its customers know where they are with Windows, and often fear to try something different - just look at how often we see the "Linux means retraining all my users" canard here.

With the advent of mobile computing, people are already taking their first steps away from Microsoft - and are realising that they no longer need to Redmond Behemonth. Too much of that, and Microsoft's empire will crumble.

Thus we have the Windows Phone play (of whichever recent flavour - the strategy is the same, it's just the implementation that keeps changing); MS is trying to get mobile users to associate thei mobile computers with their desktop/laptop/other computers by giving it the same interface and - largely - the same ability to run software (we'll ignore RT for the time being). This is the mechanism by which Microsoft expects to prop up its desktop monopoly.

But it's all going wrong - Windows Phone is a rounding error, so it isn't going to prop up anything. And by gluing the mobile-style UI on top of the desktop product, MS has alienated a huge number of its long-term customer base. The end result of pursuing this policy will be to cause the MS desktop saturation to decline.

There is a simple way out of this for MS - drop the GWX bollocks, drop the spyware, drop the forced upgrades, put the Win7 UI onto the chassis of Win10. The result will be something that plays much like Win7, but with the improvements[1] of the Win10 OS. And that will involve eating a lot of humble pie; I don't expect them to do this until it is far too late to save the empire...


[1] I am told - by people who know - that the improvements under the covers are very real indeed. I don't have sufficient eperience with Win10 to be able to prove such claims, but I am happy to acknowledge them.

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