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NetApp shrinky-dinks ONTAP 9: Will support 4:1 data reduction

Vaughn Stewart

NetApp should clarify the 4:1 claim

Disclaimer -- Pure Storage employee and former member of NetApp

I applaud the innovation I'm sure the engineering teams at NetApp have developed. With that said, I'd like to see NetApp elaborate on their 4:1 claims.

You may recall, NetApp has (and currently) claims Data ONTAP can deliver up to 933:1 data reduction (refer to

Customers lose when the storage storage industry hides technical details behind marketing claims. The Register should ensure that all vendors disclose the data reduction technologies that comprise their claims, wether they be 4:1 or 933:1.

Ideally the new 'data compaction' engine (a term that HPE also uses) will allow NetApp to publish results based on data reduction technologies (like dedupe and compression) versus their historic perpensisty to include point in time restores (snapshots) and dynamic provisioning and allocation mechanisms (like thin provisioning, zero removal, pattern removal and unmap) in their over stated data reduction results.

As data reduction is the new norm in storage, it's time to ensure The vendors speak a common language.

Nice work NetApp.

- cheers,


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