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Microsludge and their dishonest pushing of their bloated insecure dreck

Like many victims of Redmond's malware-disguised-as-an-operating-system, I've installed GWX Control Panel, which does a useful job of preventing Win10 from infecting my machine.

The fact that microsludge uses phishing-style 'important updates' to try to foist Win10 on people really gets my back up... so although it might hurt the feelings of the poor sod in Bangalore who has to read it (who is not at fault) I wrote this as 'feedback' on the actual update page for KB3035583:

"*Stop trying to stealth-install Win 10 on my machine by hiding it in 'updates', you dishonest fückbags. I do not want, will never want, and will actively take every possible step to prevent, any installation of your insecure fückshower of half-thought-out malware on my machines. I have seen how Win 8 and Win 10 operate on other machines, and that is why I NEVER WANT IT ON MINE.

If it wasn't for morons who use your Office suite (with whom I am forced to collaborate) I wouldn't have your bloated insecure spyware on any machine in my home or office - but given that I am required to have one Windows machine infecting my home network and rendering it insecure, I absolutely will not have my home network compromised any more than is absolutely necessary. That means nothing past Win7.

Just fücking die, Microsoft. Keep trying to make Windows phones a thing.*"

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