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Anyone rolled back a malgrade recently?

My understanding is that the rollback option is available for up to 30 days after the Win10 installation.

However, I've seen reports of some things (e.g. mail data files etc) being converted to a new format during the Win10 installation and NOT reverted afterwards. In other words, the rollback is a "best efforts" deal, and isn't guaranteed to put everything back the way it was.

Windows 10 also has a nasty habit of helpfully deleting any incompatible software it finds ("<application> isn't compatible with Windows 10 and has been removed") and I doubt those would be un-deleted when rolling back.

I'll admit I don't have personal experience of this. I installed Windows 10 over Windows 7 on one of my home PCs, but made a clone of the SSD first, and that was MY rollback strategy!

Also worth noting: after the initial 30 days, your Win7 key is invalidated. So if you use my strategy and switch back to a clone of your Win7 drive after 30 days, it won't activate.

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