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Allegedly up to a month post "upgrade" you could still rollback.

I updated 2 machines at home, one a Toshiba Ultrabook (SSD + i5) and a HP Elitebook (SSD + i7).

The Tosh is now pretty much unusable even for basic browsing in Chrome which previously was perfectly nippy.

The Elitebook fared better (perhaps the 16GB RAM helped) but I had steam coming out of my ears when I realised the previously sensible Windows import for photos & videos (you know, the one where you can choose which folders each media type goes to, how to label them etc) had been removed/disabled. Instead we had a "prettified" W10 offering called "Photos".

Only when I stumbled across this article on DP Review was I able to restore the feature. But it begs the question, why in the blazes was it disabled in the first place?

As I have full images for both machines (courtesy of CloneZilla) at some point very soon I shall be saying fuckity bye to W10. This latest piece of blatant Microsoft middle fingering just makes me want to get back there even sooner.

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