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A company that installs Telemetry without your knowledge or agreement, and will not specifically state what is or is not sent back - is a very sly and pernicious corporation.

Actually, that is a company acting illegally, and liable to be hauled in court for all manner of valid reasons. Depending on who the victim is, charges can scale all the way from hacking to espionage.

Personally, I can't wait. Enough is enough, and in the UK you cannot agree to idiocy like that unless it is explicit and separate from the EULA.

Now a fun question: people state their computers have been upgraded without their involvement or permission. Did anyone have to accept a new EULA before it started to work? If so, you accepted that EULA under duress which renders it invalid, and the conditions do thus not apply - in effect, you have a machine that runs an OS without any obligation on your part. Use that.

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