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Agree with you, but it doesn't make that much sense.

MS is a company with deep coffers and a serious likeability and hipness deficiency. It has a fair bit of strengths (at least to some people, if not our enlightened commentards).

Death-marching everyone to Win 10 achieves what, exactly? They still need to support Win 7 and 8.x until those 2 have reached end of support. Sure, there are some operating gains from supporting say 90% of users on Win10 and 10% on 7/8. As opposed to say 50/50. Your support staff can be on new technologies rather than legacy cruft. Easier troubleshooting? (we know telemetry isn't used to listen to what customers prefer).

But is it that much of a gain? At the cost of getting reviled day in, day out by a majority of IT influencers (argh, wish I could think of a better word here). And getting panned in general news coverage? Heck in 2 months, they can sell you what they're giving away for free now 8-/...

It's not like Win Phone is going anywhere that it still justifies the clever Win 8.x screw-desktop-users-to-promote-touch strategy. That horse has bolted.

What exactly is the point here? Is there so much value in the telemetry? I understand Google's hunger for your data - they've built a successful business on it. But MS isn't as ad-focused. And Win 10 usage telemetry is hardly going to be very useful to sell you toothpaste or cars, is it?

Why so much perseverance at what seems to be a self-defeating exercise that is steadily driving down public perception? What is the rational reason for it? Or is it just misplaced hubris and stubbornness?

WTF is for MS, not the OP's post.

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