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Also the Androidy version of XBMC/Kodi, the player or the remote, make an old Android pad/device/player quite useful in it's later life. At about three years old, I expect the batteries to fail soon though. I also use my larger of the three devices for a wifi security camera monitor. I just won't be banking or exposing my credit card number to them anymore. Two of these old pads only have 800MB of RAM, and they are noticeable unable to run newer games, hence their limited use for that purpose.

As for Android N or Marshmello on a RPi3? As someone above mentioned; not going to be enough memory. It would need closer to 2GB of RAM to make it fast and responsive with the new G-OS, and have some left over for the GPU. And where/how are they going to expose the GPIO ports in Android? I'll set this up on one Pi, but most will still run Raspbian or XBMC for the usefulness in those distros.

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