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Microsoft won't back down from Windows 10 nagware 'trick'


Trying so hard to force "free" garbage down your throat... makes you wonder

Despite Microsoft's lying explanation, they DID change the behaviour of their Windows 10 nagware / malware prompts.

Previously when the malware prompt popped up, the only 2 options were now or later and either option upgraded you, unless you clicked the x at the top.

Then they DID change the behavior now to the prompt coming up and saying we are going to upgrade you like it or not at x time and then you can find the small link to cancel & then confirm again and again that you actually don't want their crap. If you just click on the x like before, it goes ahead and upgrades you (as my boss found out to his chagrin).

For a "Free" upgrade they are trying so hard to shove it down people's throat, like it or not, you really have to start thinking it's the start of something bad. Microsoft is willing to anger it's customer base to no end to try to force this stuff on them and doesn't care about loosing goodwill or market share. They have never given a big open "Free" upgrade before, not even to the people using Vista when Windows 7 came out.

For them to be having this hard a time getting people to use their new mucky OS, and having to resort to underhanded, near criminal tactics, you must wonder why they want you to have this "free" bucket of slop so very badly?.......

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