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Cutting the cake into ever diminishing slices doesn't feed nations what they need to seed

"The Centre will bring together the capabilities already developed by CESG – the Information Security arm of GCHQ – the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure, CERT-UK and the Centre for Cyber Assessment, allowing us to build on the best of what we already have, whilst significantly simplifying the current arrangements," Martin said in a canned statement contained within the prospectus.

That seems far too much like more of the same old stuff and guff, but in smaller bits and pieces, to be anything different than just the usual type of merry-go-round jobs for ye olde boys club. It can hardly be lauded as anything earth shatteringly new and revolutionary/smarter evolutionary.

It, the National Cyber Security Centre, will provide though another juicy target for both pilots and pirates of tasty cyberwar/cyberwarefare and every conceivable variant of discriminating vapourware.

And I thought the Government was into austerely reducing the size of the public sector office space, not adding to it with another experimental place of high endian worship? :-) They make everything up as they go along every day, don't they? That how everything works, so badly and madly, isn't it.

And when that is the real truth of existence, both yours and theirs, is it and IT an abiding titanic vulnerability extremely easily exploited by the wealthy in search and deployment and employment of smarter zerodays. Indeed, executed as a weapons systems, is IT somewhat invisible and intangible and a NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive AI Bombe and a quite perfect enough ERW in both the

right and wrong sort of hands, hearts and minds. And that perversely enough makes its manufacture and stockpiling and global stationing, extremely valuable.

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