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I think it was more a case of everyone hating Microsoft than their phones. The anti-windows phone movement has had me baffled from the start. I had a Win 8 phone (Lumia 1050) for 2 years, and it was frankly, the best phone OS I've used. The easiest to read, best reception, best integration with the corporate email system etc.The only real problem I had with it, was that it seemed engineered to fall out of the users hand. A colleague with a Nokia 750 pretty much echos the same impressions.

This is coming from someone who has entirely purged all their computers of Windows in the last year and a half, and who has become as bad as an ex-smoker in telling people how insidious Microsoft has become. But I'll give credit were it is due, and I think MS made a good phone OS. If not for the ineptness of their marketing department, they wouldn't have had to scrap the project.

The only conclusion I can come up with in regard to the negativity, is that most people who like to bash the device, have never actually used one, and are talking out of their asses.

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