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David Nash

While we are bashing MS...

I visited my elderly father a couple of weeks ago and found him in a chat session with a MS tech support bod who had remote control of his W7 laptop. this was because a Windows Update had broken his pre-installed MS Office, he of course had lost or never had the key so and reinstalling hadn't helped.

MS support person then said "sorry can't help, would you like to buy an upgrade to Office?"

When my father politely declined, the session was ended and asked for feedback "did we resolve your problem" - Dad clicked "No". Next it asks for ratings out of 5 for the support guy. Before he could click anything the support guy who clearly had not yet logged out of my dad's machine, clicked 5 stars on both questions then "submit" as quickly as possible.

Now that is cheeky at best, and might even be computer misuse. I am not sure who I can complain to though, or whether there is any point.

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