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Damn, damn, DAMN..

I made a serious mistake with abandoning Windows so many years ago.

I would have enjoyed so much publicity by taking the f*ckers to court on charges of hacking (various options under UK law) that I would not have to use any marketing for years.

There is so much there, it probably wouldn't even need a lawyer to make it stick (although you'd still need one to fight off creativity from the friends MS has in government since the days of Tony Blair).

Alas, I haven't touched Windows since Win 7 and it's just too much hassle and risk to resume a bad habit just to annoy the hell out of them. I'm just very surprised nobody has called on, for instance, Computer Misuse Act violations (the EULAs are not a problem thanks to the Unfair Contract Term clauses imported into the recently improved consumer protection laws).

So, don't whinge, get a criminal investigation going with some political influence. It's not like you're alone in this, and politicians love the ability to pretend that they're interested in voter rights. If nothing else, you can enjoy the though that it will cost Microsoft a fortune (in publicity and either in bribes or in legal fees) to make it go away.

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