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"No means no. We've all said that thousands of times before, but you still don't get it."

Indeed so.

I was at a client's office a few days ago speaking to one of their subbies, and he was telling me about his laptop. He originally installed Win10 to try it out, and after a little while using it decided he didn't like it, so rolled it back to Win7 - which is supposedly an option for a month(?) after installing Win10.

More recently, it was unexpectedly installed again. Now, personally, I'd say installing it, trying it and then uninstalling it should be registered as a definite "No!" - a word Microsoft clearly doesn't understand.

As to how it happened, I wondered if it was a case of the nagware popping up and stealing the focus as he was typing (which I've speculated was the case for other users I know), but his close icon issue may also have been the problem.

And now it's on his system again, he says he can't find the option to roll it back. My initial speculation on this was that perhaps it (stupidly) based the roll-back option on the date it was first installed - that was much more than a month ago. On the other hand, with this close icon revelation, maybe they've just taken that option away as well.

I was speaking to him on Monday. Since then, I've become aware of two and a half more unexpected updates - which I suspect might by now be three. Again, before I knew about this close icon twattishness my guess was the stolen input focus problem - but now I realise probably this.

The 'half' was a case of the person saying he managed to deliberately crash the update when he saw it was going to happen - though I suspect he's probably only successfully delayed it until his next reboot or something.

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