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Microsoft won't back down from Windows 10 nagware 'trick'

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don't run windows update until august 1

I'll just make sure KB3035583 is NOT installed on any windows 7 computer (or development VM), put windows update into "completely manual" mode, and NOT! RUN! UPDATE! until after August 1.

If that means NOT surfing the web from that particular windows computer or VM, so be it. Besides, I do my web surfing from Linux and FreeBSD, and practice "safe surfing", disabling flash, running noscript, etc.. And I *NEVER* go online using a login with 'admin' privileges. EVAR.

So thanks, Microsoft, for making windows update *UNUSABLE* for the next couple of months or so, and I hope you *KEEP* *YOUR* *PROMISE* to *NOT* "upgrade" (read: screw up) any of my computers after August 1.

Don't forget, the Windows 7 EULA *NEVER* gave Microsoft permission to FORCE! UPGRADES! (or updates for that matter).

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