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Former Sun CEO Scott McNealy has data on 1/14th of humanity

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Your talented Sales Reps sold T-Series (Multithreading CPU's) to customers that ended up not being able to use them ... because their applications ran better on single high frequency CPU's then 128 low frequency CPU's.

But yes, your servers generated less heat ... WhoppDeeDoo. Fujitsu probably sold more T-Series CPU's then Sun did.

I once worked for and admired SUN until you hired that lunatic... He's still blogging at tweeting like a champ.

Ex Sun employees are like that pest that hang around water coolers talking how the old times were better and anything good was invented at Sun anyway and everybody else is copying it - just 20years later. Look where SUN is now.

The world has moved on from NFS and Java... And mainframes had thin clients long before SUN.

The only every good large server you build was bought from Cray.

One last tag line you conveniently forgot to mention:

"We're the DOT in". You truly were.

Sorry Scott.

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