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Salesforce slaps UK Enterprise customers with 40% price hike

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So UK prices have gone from being 6% higher than the US (which is probably about right) to being 17% higher which isn't really justifiable. If you are an SFC customer the question to ask your rep is what value-add has SFC in the UK added to make the software more expensive? Then ask for a bigger discount to offset the effect of the UK's larger increase. At least make them squirm. And let them know that you know that they're full of crap.

This is the same sort of "logic" that VMware used when they started this trend of having higher list prices in selected countries, like the UK, Eurozone, Australia, etc. I say "logic" because they - VMware, - don't know how exchange rates work. I think they actually believe what they are saying. However they don't know that most people outside the US understand exchange rates better than nearly everyone in the US. They don't know that their customers know that they are being ripped off. But they do know that they're making more money after the change so everything's OK from their perspective.

Every (and VMware) customer in the UK (and the EU and Australia) should think about switching to a vendor who doesn't employ this approach.

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