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Salesforce slaps UK Enterprise customers with 40% price hike

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Maybe they're just planning ahead with EU sales?

As neither Safe Harbor or Privacy Shield presently exist, data of EU clients hosted in the US could give you all sorts of fun headaches with Data Protection laws if permission wasn't sought for it (after all, permission was only ever sought for hosting it in an environment with comparable protection. In reality, that was a big fat lie too, but at least there was some political cover for that. Now there's nowt.

Thus, I think they're merely fleecing their customers for all they can right now until someone wakes up to that problem and EU sales drop off the map. Not that EU companies will walk away willingly, but it only takes one customer addressing this in a way that hits the press and all hell could break loose ..

.. in which case I'll need quite a lot of popcorn.

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