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In the joyous world of SaaS customer experience* which I inhabit we love these kind of buzzwords, here is a short glossary:

omnichannel - basically a list of all the ways the customer can contact you eg phone, live chat, email, facebork, twatter, Google + (yes I know), Instagram, viber and which ever shiny new insecure upstart pops up to "disrupt" the world of comms.

360 degree view - hoping you have pulled all the data into one place so when the client says "my sales rep said......" the agent has a vague hope of finding the email or call notes. And if you have outsourced the operation more stuff for them to steal and sell on.

Empower your agents - give them a tool with a better uptime than sex panther in the vague hope they can find the answer to the obscure question from the anorak on the freemium package.

*in the good old days it was service but now we want it to be an experience........

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